About Castelli

Castelli is the brand that is named after the Italian family who created them. Their passion for their craft is a legacy that is still very much in evidence today. The Castelli's began making designer paper notebooks and diaries many decades ago in their home in Bergamo. Bergamo is situated in the Lombardy Region of Italy and has a historical importance in Italy with regards to the craftsmanship of the goods made there. The cultural influences and the passion of Lindo and Maria Castelli helped make their products the way they believe all paper notebooks and diaries should be made.

Founder’s Note

"Welcome to my family's life work."
We are so proud of the products we create and make for you in our home town of San Paolo d'Argon, Bergamo. My family work every day in the company to continue the work of my father, Lindo Castelli.

We hope that our products show the care, intelligence and family values we try to inject into our work. Thank you for your support and your appreciation of our values of quality and expression.
Maurizio Castelli / Castelli CEO